Diploma in Civil Engineering
Entry Requirement
10 (Maths)

Course Duration
3 Years Full Time

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Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Diploma in Electrical Engineering is a 3-year course which is designed to enhance skills. The curriculum is designed in such a way that students get to learn from the basic techniques to higher-level skills. It mainly focuses on the practical application of theoretical knowledge.

The common subjects of this course include Electrical Machines, Elements of Electrical Engineering, Embedded System, Transmission and Distribution, Electrical Installation, etc.

There are numerous job opportunities for a student who has completed a Diploma in Electrical Engineering. Some of the job roles include – Electrical design engineer, Transform design engineer, Field application engineer, Technical trainer, Verification engineer, CAD engineer, etc.



    It is observed that employment in government/public sector undertakings are dwindling day by day. Keeping present scenario in view following employment opportunities are visualized in
    different sectors of employment for diploma holders in electrical engineering
    • Manufacturing Industry (Mechanical)
      The Electrical diploma holder will be involved in following activities in mechanical
      manufacturing industry:
      – Planning and execution for Electrical installation
      – Diesel Generation and Diesel Generating Set Maintenance
      – Distribution of Electrical Power
      – Maintenance of Industrial Electrical System
      – Repair and Maintenance of Electrical Machines and Equipment
      – Repair and Maintenance of Electronic Control Circuitry
      – Testing and Standardization for Quality Control
      – Energy Conservation

    • Manufacturing Industry (Electrical and Electronics)
      The Electrical diploma holder will be involved in following activities in Electrical and Electronics
      manufacturing industry:
      – Assistance in Research and Development
      – Assistance in Planning, Designing and Detailing
      – Shop-floor Management including Quality Control
      – Diesel Generation and Distribution
      – Installation of Electrical Power Supply Systems
      – Maintenance of Electrical and Electronic System(s)
      – Repair and Maintenance of Electrical Machines/Equipment (including testing)
      – Production
      – Inventory Management
      – Marketing and Sales


    • Government Departments such as Electricity Board, MES, PWD, Railways, Air bases, Airports, Defence, Thermal, Hydro and Nuclear Power Stations and other Boards and Corporations


    • The Electrical diploma holder will be involved in following type of activities in above mentioned

    Government Departments:
    – Assistance in Planning and Design of Electrical generation, transmission, distribution
    and protection system including testing, quality control
    – Estimating for electrical installation
    – Construction, erection and commissioning of lines and Sub-stations
    – Electrical Safety measures
    – Operation and Maintenance of Lines and Sub-stations/underground cables
    – Tariffs and Calculations of bills for consumption of electricity
    – Inventory Management
    – Repair and Maintenance of Electrical Machines/ Equipment
    – Operation and maintenance of Thermal, Hydro and Nuclear Power Stations

    (4) Hospitals, Commercial Complexes, Service Sector Organizations like Hotels,
    Tourist-Resorts, high-rise buildings, Cinema/Theater Halls etc.

    The diploma holder in electrical engineering will be involved in following type of activities in above mentioned Service Sector Organizations:

    – Layout of wiring circuit, planning and execution for Electrical Installation
    – Standby or captive Power Generation and its Distribution
    – Maintenance of Electrical and Electronic Equipment
    – Preventive Maintenance of Communication System, Lifts, Air-Conditioning Plants and
    Water Supply System
    – Inventory Management
    – Estimation for electrical repair and maintenance work

    Self Employment
    Following type of self employment opportunities are available to the diploma holder in electrical engineering:
    – Trading of Electrical Goods
    – Establishing Repair and Maintenance Unit/ Centre
    – Free Lancer for Repair and Maintenance of House-hold Electrical and Electronic
    Gadgets such as: Washing Machines, Geysers, Air Conditioners, Coolers and
    electrical installations etc.
    – Electrical contractor
    – Motor Winding Unit
    – Auto-electrical Work
    – Service sector
    Can work as:
    – Service and marketing engineer in the field of automation.
    – Trainer of PLC and SCADA system.
    – TSE (Technical Support Executive)

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Mr. Rohit Gupta